Post-Abortion Support

New Session Begins September 30


Abortion is never an easy decision. The emotional and social support offered through the H.E.A.R.T. program provides an opportunity for women who have experienced a past abortion to find peace, restoration, and healing. This free, confidential program is designed to:

  • Help participants work through post-abortion stress
  • Provide answers and encouragement
  • Rebuild hope while offering support and acceptance
  • Remind participants they are not alone

Participants will attend a 7-session weekly course, led by a certified program leader at Pregnancy Help Clinic. Complete the form below to request a confidential contact from the H.E.A.R.T. program facilitator.  Please indicate your preferred method of contact in the message box. 

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Topics Covered Include:

  • Post-Abortion Syndrome
  • Trauma Defense Mechanisms
  • Handling Strong Emotions (Depression,
    Fear, Anger, Grief, Guilt)
  • Offering and Receiving Forgiveness
  • God's Love for You
  • Self-Reconciliation
  • Fostering Healthy Relationships

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